18 July 2012

time for a change

Theology Bites has closed. But, its not the end. From now on I'll be posting soundbites over at the new fandangled "Cross-Eyed" collaborative blog! So why not come and check it out.

See you there,

30 May 2012

08 February 2012

31 January 2012

the irony of assumption

Heres a clip of Steven Furtick from the 'Code Orange Revival' that was making a big splash on the blogs recently, as reviewed on Issues Etc.

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20 December 2011

present but not separated

Is Hell separation from God? Or is God present in Hell doing the punishing? 

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29 November 2011

21 November 2011

the gospel goes further than forgiveness

Christianity is more than just Jesus dieing to forgive you for your sins.
Ted Hamilton

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the same story

What makes a good story so satisfying?
Brian Godawa on Issues etc.

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18 November 2011

13 October 2011

22 July 2011

whats that!? a new soundbite?

And a juicy one it is too. Mike Brown talking about our relationship with God..

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15 May 2011

what's needed above all else

What's your preacher telling you is most important by the content of his preaching?
DA Carson

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03 May 2011

17 April 2011

the power of Gods Word

Great explanation of the amazing power of Gods word.
Issues Etc

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13 April 2011

the "assumed" gospel

The dangers of assuming everyone already has a clear understanding of the gospel and moving on to other topics.  Trust me, this happens at your church. (almost indubitably)
DA Carson

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10 April 2011

07 April 2011

ugly sovereignty scenarios

If God is in control of everything,  does that mean He's responsible for all the horrible things that happen?
Drive By Theology

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03 April 2011

God's revelation is by grace

We don't deserve to know anything about God, yet he has revealed Himself to us by his grace.
Albert mohler 

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31 March 2011

a play with act four missing

Another helpful answer the question "What does God want me to do with my life?"
Issues Etc

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30 March 2011

29 March 2011

forgiveness not enough?

Perhaps you don't understand just how much you've been forgiven.

Two Words

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