07 February 2008

unobtainable perfection

Lots of folk dont seem to like this guy very much...... Ive listened to some of his sermons now and then and I really dont see what all the fuss is about.
Mark Driscoll preaches as solid a Gospel message as you'll hear anywhere, as heard in this fantastic clip.

Listen to bite here
4 mins


Cindy said...

Wow, I like that clip, the clarity. I think I'll take a look at stuff by this Mark Driscoll guy. I'd heard he was different than some of those others he gets lumped together with from the emergent folks. Thanks!

Sam said...

Mark Driscoll used to be part of the Emerging/Emergent faith movement. He has since recanted his earlier decision to join with them and even "called out" his old buddy Brian McLaren on some doctrinal issues.
You can see several interviews with him on YouTube.
He is, however, Missional and I believe that's not only proper but neccessary in today's postmodern and confused generation.

sim said...

I really dont like that word 'missional.' The emergents have made it all too squishy and about earthly needs rather than spiritual.
However I agree that Mark Driscoll is doing it properly (Matt 28 style)and seems to be doing a great job of it too.

Also thanks for commenting guys.