19 March 2008

a sad day........

While doing the website rounds today, downloading all the usual shows, I was stopped in my tracks to discover that Issues Etc has been cancelled!!

Issues etc was one of the top Christian shows out there, with so many interesting guests and topics, as well as tackling false teaching, and continuously hammering home the truth of the gospel.
"Its not about you, its about Jesus for you"

If you want to find out more about the cancellation and the stir it has caused, have a look here.

Meanwhile Ive put together a few great soundbites in memory of Issues Etc.

How to get people doing good Works - Listen here 2:30mins
Did Jesus come to improve your life? - Listen here 3:12mins
How to spot a modern day pharisee - Listen here 2:30mins
Todd's sermon review diagnostic tool - Listen here 3:30mins

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