25 October 2008

love songs for your sweetie

New from Laodicea Records!

Listen to bite here
1 min


Will Adair said...

I will be the first to say that it is easy for us to get lost in CCM feel good music. Let us not forget that God can use good theology wherever it is found including CCM! I know that Laodecia Records (Slice of Laodecia) are the self appointed (if God appointed them I apologize to Him in advance) moral and spiritual de-bunkers of all that doesn't fit their paradigm of godliness in the Christian faith. Yes there is a immense amount of fluff in CCM, yet Natalie Grant's song Held is a incredibly powerful and theologically deep song that deals with the sheer grief of trusting in our Lord's providence when we loose those close to us by the very sovereign hand of God. To include that clip in such a flippant manner in "love songs for your sweetie" is beyond tasteless! I will not type in all caps but I am very angry at the hypocrisy of how we all so easily just dismiss all of something that we don't particularly like. Natlie Grant's song Held used in such a poor manner in that flippant clip shows a propensity of isegesis that is on par with "Jesus seminar" people and their use of the words of Jesus! I sincerely hope someone pulls that clip and apologizes to Natalie Grant for their disrespectful use of her music.

Anonymous said...

I get the point of this clip. A lot of this music makes me very uncomfortable.